Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yesterday was a very adventurous and learning day.  The adventure came to play when I, for the first time in a long time, took to walking.  You see normally I use a power chair to get around.  Rather it be at home or out of the home.  No I'm not stuck in it.  I just got lazy and used it constantly.  It, at the times, was more convenient to use it.  I started out saying I would use it only for school and making market, you know things that took a lot (for me anyway) of heavy lifting and carrying. 

Well, I walked and I walked all day and all night long.  You have to understand that though, I'm not in it permanently but after yesterday, I cried for my chair.  Walking down the halls of where I lived felt like walking the green mile.  Walking around shopping at stores as large as Walmart (it wasn't Walmart though) really took a lot out of my body; notice I didn't say my feet, although they were killing me.

Now for the learning experience.  My sister, God bless her, gently told me a few things about myself that brought me to the reality of accepting them to be true.  As a child, I was always to one she would turn to for advise and humor (she still does, LOL), but now as adults, I turn to her for advise and wisdom (get that) and sometimes I become the humor.  She gently explain that I (ME!) take things that are meant to be loving the wrong way.  All I can say to that, after a few examples, is that she is right.  I felt as though I was being picked on and that wasn't the case at all.  Sometimes people show you they love you in ways they hope won't offend you, and that's with humor. 

It's okay now.  Some I take with a grain of salt, but now I take it with a lot of sugar.  Thanks Sis!  The advise and lesson took a lot of drama out of my life that I was creating myself.

Today I shall relax and look forward to some eye opening events and adventures coming my way. 

If God has a great sense of humor, then why shouldn't I?
Be blessed!

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