Friday, December 16, 2011

Today was my last day at school until next year.  I've been going for so long now that I felt a little something leaving the building for the last time, for awhile.  Well you can tell I don't have a life. LOL.  But what's at home to rush to, expect the comfort my bed?  Thank God for my own bed. 

There are so many out there who no longer have a home to go to.  So I wipe my eyes and look gleefully look towards home.  I say so longer, for now to my favorite Professor, wish everyone well who helped me through the semester and also those who didn't.  The only reason I was there was for a meeting of the Computer Technology Club that I secretary.  I was glad to be in the building even just for that. 

Oh, I haven't lost it.  Believe me I look forward to a long vacation from it but I also look forward to returning.  There truly is nothing like expanding your mind.  I surprised myself.  Don't get twisted, but I just never thought that I would still be at it.  I am determined to move forward and reach my goal.

Thanks to all my supporters and all those who have helped me through.  Ain't no stopping me now, cause it ain't over!

Be blessed!

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