Thursday, December 15, 2011

     It has truly been awhile since my last post.  a lot has happened.  I've completed my first year in college and passed with "A"s.  WOW!  Doing the running man (woman) on oxygen!  LOL.  I've moved to a much better place.  It's a little out of the way place where deers roam freely.  WOW, yet still in the city.  I love it.  God continues to bless me and mines and for that I am truly grateful!  If He doesn't do anything else for me He has truly done enough.
     I've welcome three more relatives in my family.  My grandchildren are getting bigger by the minute.  I haven't lost anyone or thing (including my mind) this year, thus far.  One of my seconds cousins is getting married this month.  One of my fourth cousins got married this month and my Grandmother turns 99 year young this month and I have gained a few new friends.  Tell me I'm not blessed.

     I'm no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Life is too short to wait on that other shoe! So in the meantime I will continue to send up praises and not block my blessing in the meantime.

      I'm a litter closer still to seeing my maker, which I found complete joy in, but I am going to on day by day with anticipation for what He has in store for me each new day.

      No New Years resolution this year, but I do wish that you all will be  safe and blessed throughout the holidays.

      See you next year! 

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