Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I know I do not want to go to Hell. However, right now at this particular time, this moment, am I ready for heaven? Am I prepared to stand before God with all my sins and sinning ways? Is anyone really? I do know that he is preparing me for something right now in my life for that particular moment, something I cannot handle right now. He is making me ready. Thank you Lord for keeping me on your potter’ wheel of life. May I be worthy when the time does come, I pray. Amen.

While enjoying carefree days, we must not become careless about making ourselves ready for the kingdom of God, for no man know the hour or day of his or her time to be called home.

You’ll go forth a little stronger, With a fresh supply of grace,  If each day you meet the Savior 
In a secret, quiet place. —Adams

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